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    Why CrossFit Myrtle Beach?

    At CrossFit Myrtle Beach, our vision is to be the safest and most effective Crossfit Box in Myrtle Beach by providing a higher degree of teaching, coaching, and mentoring through semi-private settings instead of a crowded gym environment. The key elements to achieving our vision are Professional Training, Community Atmosphere and Leading by Example.

    We will provide quality training in semi-private groups of a maximum of 10 clients per instructor. We will treat our clients like individuals in order to maximize their personal development. Regardless of skill level, we are honored to have the opportunity to be of service in developing your personal training plan.

    We are not about repetitions without efficiency, and we do not approach our clients with preconceived ideas of their development because every individual is different and their needs are different.

    Professional Training
    Community Atmosphere
    Leading by Example

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    3241 Waccamaw Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579