The One About Heidi and The Open

What’s new this month?! Spinning Class! We are having a trial run of spinning classes to see if there’s enough interest. Dates, times, and class sizes are limited, so make sure to sign up and/or ask one of the coaches about it today! The next class will be held on Tuesday, February 13th at 9AM. Classes are $10 and are open to members and non-members, so if you’ve been trying to get a friend to come to the box with you, this is the perfect chance! Classes will be taught by our very own Heidi Boroski. She’s pretty much awesome, which is also why she happens to be our athlete of the month! 

Meet Heidi:

I’ve been doing CrossFit for three years. I love CrossFit for many reasons. 1. It incorporates cardio with weight training. 2. The workouts always vary and the movements can be scaled. 3. The community. My favorite movements are squats, push-ups, and box jumps. My favorite athletes are Rich Froning and Camille Leblanc. 

Heidi is also a labor and delivery nurse at Grand Strand Medical Center. She is passionate about caring for babies and their families, but when she’s not doing that, she’s spending time with her own. She is married and has four, beautiful children that range in age from seven to 23. Fitness is important to Heidi and her family and they all (well, almost all of them….we’re working on that) workout at CFMB together. Even her youngest daughter, who is seven, has been doing some of the Kids CrossFit classes! 

Speaking of Kids CrossFIt, don’t forget that we have classes for kids now! Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ages 4-7 are at 5:30PM and ages 8-12 are at 6:30PM. Even if you don’t have kids, chances are that you know people who do! Please help us spread the word about this amazing opportunity to teach functional fitness to kids.

Are you thinking about joining CFMB? Do you have a friend who is interested in CrossFit? If so, checkout this awesome testimony from Michael Lugo! 

Michael: Looking for a change in my usual gym routine during a medical school rotation, I turned to CrossFit Myrtle Beach and was not disappointed. The workouts presented some of the most challenging moments from a physical and mental point-of-view that I have ever experienced, but with those movements came some of the most fun I have ever had working out. I can’t thank everyone enough - including coaches and athletes, for the environment of respect, camaraderie, and overall commitment to improvement. Tadd, Dwayne, and Steve have truly built something special and I definitely plan on going back in the future when I’m back in town. 

How awesome?! We are so thankful you joined us and we can’t wait to have you back again!

The CrossFit Open. If you are planning on doing The Open, you need to sign up ASAP. You can do this by signing up at If you are signed up to do The Open, but do not see your name on the white board in the box, please let a coach know. We are doing a competition within our box with all of the athletes that are signed up to participate. Also, if you are doing The Open and want a t-shirt, the last day to order shirts is February 8th! There will more than likely not be extras, so please sign up TODAY if you haven’t already. 

On the fence about signing up for The Open? Or are you still not really sure what The Open actually is? Well, here you go…The Open will consist of five workouts, running over the course of five weeks, beginning February 22nd and ending on March 26th. Workouts will be released on Thursdays at 5PM PT. There will be options to do the workouts as scaled and RX, and you will need to complete the workout in front of a judge. Over the course of those five weeks, we will more than likely NOT be having our regular partner WODs on Saturdays, but instead will be doing The Open workouts so that everyone will have the opportunity to be judged. We will also need judges, so if you’re interested, please complete the judges course online and give your certificate to one of the coaches when you’ve passed. All scores will need to be logged in online and then you’ll be able to see where you rank worldwide, regionally, and even within our own box. For those that have participated in The Open for more than one year, you can see how much you’ve changed from year to year and how much better you’ve gotten. Also, every year, The Open always brings some massive PRs within the box. It never fails that someone gets their first pull-up, first muscle up, or PRs a movement by 15 pounds or more! It’s a super fun time in CrossFIt boxes worldwide and we can’t wait! 


Just a little housekeeping….it’s no surprise that the flu is running rapid. Stomach bugs are everywhere. Colds are right behind. Out of respect for everyone, please remember to wipe down all equipment after use. There is a big white container of wipes located right by the stairs and weights. There is also a mop located in the back if you need it. We’d hate for anyone to get sick and we’d hate for you to have to miss out on one of the killer open WODs. So please help us in keeping our home as germ free as possible, because as always, we roll deep. 




The One About Transformation

Is 2018 “your year?” Is this the year you take back your health? Are you searching for the perfect gym and trying to get yourself in gear to be a better you? Maybe this is the year you vow to eat better. Maybe this is the year you exercise more. If any of these sound like you, then this post is for you. 

A lot of people get intimidated when they hear the word CrossFit. “Oh I could never do that,” they say. “I’m not in good enough shape for that.” “It looks too hard.” “Will it make me big and bulky?” If any of these common phrases sound familiar, keep reading. This post is for you. 

The following people are normal, everyday people that you might meet. These are your friends and your coworkers. These are people, maybe just like yourself, that got fed up with their fitness, or lack there of. These people decided they were ready for a change and they saw CrossFit as a healthy way to make that change. Are they in good shape? You bet they are. Was it hard? Sure. But aren’t all good things in life worth fighting for? Are they big and bulky? Why don’t you take a look at some of these transformations for yourself and decide. 

Sean Kort

August 22nd, 2015 below....

Versus September 25, 2017. 

Janaina Alexcinaldo “Jay”

Look at this 36lb. difference! 

Amanda Cataldo

Brittany Lynne


lift_like_britt Well the 8 weeks are up and this is the difference. Thank you @thewodapalooza for doing the transformation challenge. Also thank you to @eattoperform for keeping my macros in order. Counting macros may be hard but still enjoying food like pizza or ice cream every night has its benefits. @cfdrivingformations thank you for pushing me everyday to be the better me. Also for @ascent_protein for the best recovery protein ever 🤤 #snatchandrun

Did she say pizza and ice cream?! 

We are so proud of these athletes and are so proud of the changes they decided to make. Their photos are amazing and speak for themselves. And while we recognize that most people hit up the gym to lose some weight, we also recognize that that’s not everyone’s goal. For some, it’s more about getting stronger and becoming healthier. Which leads us to our athlete of the month, Bruce Lynch. 

Meet Bruce: 

How long have you been doing CF? My first CrossFit class was at the "old" box in May of 2016...So roughly 18 months. I worked on "form" for the first couple of weeks, as getting through the warm-ups and stretching were simply taxing. I did learn how inflexible my shoulders, wrists, and hip-flexors were, however.

What has CrossFit done for you? CF has given me a wonderful tool to enhance my physical health and over-wellbeing. I have enjoyed the constant challenge that every WOD presents, as it is more of a self-motivated competition to learn how to do things I have never been able (or simply attempted) to do. I had run marathons for several years prior and really had a rude awakening to other body parts that had never been worked properly for the first month or so I started. I felt like I had been processed in a meat tenderizer for the first month of my journey into CrossFit.

What do you hope to get out of CF? I hope to be in the best shape of my life upon my next birthday in May (40th) and have enjoyed the camaraderie of the community of CrossFit  I have also been pleasantly surprised how the other advanced athletes graciously give tips and instruction to myself and other novice beginners. I am happy that we now have more folks to share this experience with, as Dwayne and Tadd have been great in their hospitality and instruction since "the merge." Of course, I will always be thankful to Steve for his initial instruction and encouragement and for the fact that he did not turn me away from my very first workout even though I showed up in "toe-shoes." I hope to stay healthy (and injury free) and be able to continue to improve my form and strength in the future. I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2018 as we each strive for those new PR's. Double-unders are next on my list.

Congratulations Bruce on kicking off the New Year as our first athlete of the month for 2018! Also kicking of 2018 is our CrossFit Kids program! Spots are limited to just 10 athletes per class so make sure to register now! Classes are $100 and will run from January 2nd-March 29th. Classes will be held once a week over three months and you can select from the following days/times. 

Ages 4-7 Tues 5:30PM

Ages 4-7 Thurs 5:30PM

Ages 8-12 Tues 6:30PM

Ages 8-12 Thurs 6:30PM

Also coming up this month is the Poseidon's Workshop on January 27th and 28th from 8:00AM-4:00PM. This will be a two day seminar to teach and educate athletes about mastery techniques in rowing and Olympic weightlifting. We are capping out this workshop at 20 participants so be sure to sign up today! 

CrossFit is a humbling experience and is truly for everyone. It’s for those who vow to get in shape this year and it’s for those who vow to get stronger. It’s for those who just want to keep up after their kids, grandkids, or even to be able to pick up their mastiff (true story). It’s truly for everyone and can be tailored to your specific needs. Had a knee injury? No problem. Can’t run? No worries. Don’t have full range of motion in one of your shoulders? We can work with that. Everything can be modified and if you’d just give it a chance, we’d be willing to bet you’d do more than you ever thought possible. Who knows? Maybe you'll be training to go to Regionals or compete in The Games before you know it! We are a community that builds each other up, supports one another, and celebrates each other in our accomplishments. So what are you waiting for? Vow to make this year your fittest, strongest, and healthiest year yet, and join us at CrossFit Myrtle Beach. The hardest part is showing up. We’ll help with the rest. Because as always, we roll deep



The One About Phyllis

Christmas is arguably one of the best times of year. Christmas trees, presents, holiday lights and music, Christmas parties and all of the delicious food that comes along with it. Unfortunately though, it’s common to pick up a few unwanted pounds during the holidays. And while it’s certainly okay to have cheat meals and indulge in a favorite homemade treat, here are some alternatives to help stay on track.

This for that: 

Trade your fried turkey for this delicious bacon wrapped turkey from Paleo Porn. With this simple recipe, you can still enjoy a flavor filled turkey that is sure to impress your dinner guests.

Trade your sweet potato casserole with marshmallows for this paleo sweet potato casserole. Sweet potatoes are healthy, though once we load it up with butter, several cups of sugar, and marshmallows, it begins to become more of a dessert than a side dish. This recipe from Paleo Leap is sure to still satisfy without all the added calories.

This one is a little bit of work, but if you truly want to stay on track this holiday, consider trading your traditional green bean casserole for this whole 30 approved one instead.

You can’t have Christmas without cookies, so here’s a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe that you can make for your family, to bring to the office, or to a party.

Apparently Coach Steve is a bit of carrot cake fan, so this one is especially for him. Though carrots are great for you, the cake part most certainly is not. So here’s a paleo carrot cake from Paleo Running Momma.


Looking for a Christmas gift for that CrossFit lover in your life? Or maybe you’re busy making a list for yourself. Here’s a short list of gift ideas that is sure to please any Crossfit athlete. 

1. Heavy dumbbells. A dumbbell is a dumbbell. But we are Crossfitters of course, so we like to support Rogue when we can. And the general consensus is, the heavier the better. Also, while you’re at this website, any gear from here would probably make just about any athlete extremely happy. A rower, a barbell, some plates, and/or a whole rig, would most definitely make someone’s day/Christmas/year/life.

2. Rehband Knee Sleeves.

3. Jump Rope. If you don’t have a jump rope, you need one. While we have some at the box, it’s so much nicer to have your own. Sifting through all the jump ropes to find the right one to fit your height during a WOD can be a pain. We like Again Faster and RX Jump Ropes.

jump rope.jpg

4. Socks. Some new socks are a great gift for your favorite Crossfitter. While you can never go wrong with Nike or Reebok, you may be looking for something more fun. Check out Stance for something a little more funky.

5. Workout Gloves. While there are different ones to choose from, WODies are definitely ones you should check out. Made for athletes, by athletes, these were created to protect your hands during WODs.

6. Massage. Massages are great gifts and they’re especially great for athletes! There are quite a few places to get a massage from in the Grand Strand area, but our very own Katie Harris is a massage therapist and skilled in working with athletes. 

7. Workout Clothes. There’s just something about having brand workout clothes that makes you feel like you’re going to have a good PR day. Lululemon is definitely one of our go-to places when it comes to workout attire and quite a few of our athletes work there as well. These members would be happy to assist you in picking out the right sizes and styles. 

8. Shoes. You need a good pair of shoes and of course everyone has their personal favorite. Several months ago, NOBULL came and set up a pop-up shop at our box where members where able to try on shoes and various apparel. They were super nice and did a great job at assisting members with sizes and their purchases. If you haven’t checked them out, make sure you do so.

9. Bars/protein/snacks. At CrossFit Myrtle Beach, we carry a wide selection of protein bars and drinks. You can pick some up for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, co-worker gifts, etc. RX Bars and Lenny and Larry Complete Cookies are delicious. 

10. Classes/Personal Training. You may already attend CFMB, and for that we are grateful. But maybe you have a spouse, significant other, co-worker, relative, or friend, who you’ve been trying to get to come with you. Consider buying someone a personal training session, a punch card, or even pay for a one time class fee. This would make a great gift for that special person on your list who has been wanting to come, but hasn’t quite pulled that trigger yet. 


Our athlete of the month is Phyllis Kowal! Meet Phyllis: Greg and I have a year of CrossFit under our belts. I had surgery October 31st for a shredded meniscus and was back in the box two days later. Crazy, right? You loose a bit of your mind once you’re past 60! Everything in moderation and totally scaled. Hopefully the Doctor will release me this coming Friday! I love the challenge of me vs. me. I’m not giving in to the aging process. I’ll be kicking and fighting all the way. I also enjoy the community! Everyone is so nice! 


Congratulations Phyllis! You don’t look a day over 30! We were so surprised and impressed to see you back in the box just two days after surgery, and doing BURPEES! You are an inspiration, you are amazing, and a total rockstar! Keep on doing your thing! It’s working! 

Looking for a CrossFit competition? Checkout War Of the WODs January 13th-14th in Greensboro, NC. Also, RX Madness will be held on February 3rd at CrossFit Wreckage in Charlotte, NC. Several of our athletes will be attending these competitions. If you know of any others, let us know! Quite a few athletes are consistently looking for more competitions and we’d love to support you if you plan on going to any of them, because as always, we roll deep. 






The One About Graham and Our Competitors

November is often thought of the month where we give thanks, the one where we get together with friends and family and stuff ourselves full of turkey and pie. While those things still hold true, it also signifies the month where CrossFit Driving Formations and CrossFit Myrtle Beach are now one. While there is still some work to be done, things are in full swing and going smoothly. While we continue to make this transition as smooth as possible, please bare with us while we continue to work on the space. Also, if you have not downloaded Sugar WOD yet, please do so! This is a great way to track your workouts and progress. Especially when working on the strength portion of a WOD, Sugar WOD can come in handy to help you find your percentages easily. No more calculators! Whoop whoop! 

Our athlete this month is one of our newest members. He joined with his boss and has been coming in about three times a week. He has been putting in work and working hard. Please join us in congratulating Graham Long as being our athlete of the month. Congrats Graham! We see you and notice your dedication and determination. Keep on working hard! Who knows what’s next for you! If you keep pushing hard, perhaps you’ll be competing in the Salt Games before you know it! 

This past weekend was a big weekend for several of our athletes. Congratulations to Jeff and Skyler for placing first in their division at the FitCon Competition held in Greenville, NC. Congratulations are also in store for Dwayne and Brittany who also competed in that competition, battling it out for a third place win in their division. Also, big shout out to Heather and Rachel for competing in a competition held in Aiken over the weekend as well. Though they did not place, this was Rachel’s first competition and both ladies PRed their clean and jerk, which is also considered a big win in our book! We also want to give out a shout out to AJ for competing in the CrossFit for a Cure fundraiser in Greenville, SC over the weekend. AJ and his partner competed alongside 38 other teams total and were able to raise $4500 for a local upstate teen battling cancer. Congratulations to everyone who competed over the weekend. We are super proud of you and your accomplishments! Please be sure to let us know of your upcoming competitions and accomplishments so we can give praise where it is earned and deserved! We love to cheer on our athletes and celebrate their victories no matter how big or small. 

jeff and skyler.jpg
brittany and dwayne .jpg
Photo taken by Thomas Stroud - Royal T Media 

Photo taken by Thomas Stroud - Royal T Media 

Just a few house keeping rules. As we continue to transition into one box and CrossFit family, please remember to put your equipment back after each workout. We are also officially in cold and flu season, so please take a few extra seconds at the end of each workout and clean off your bars, balls, bikes, ab mats, and any other equipment you have used. Please help us try and keep our box as clean as possible and let’s try and prevent those yucky germs from passing around, because as always, we roll deep. 



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The One Where the Band Gets Back Together

It’s no surprise that “big things” were coming, but no one knew exactly what that meant. The box is in the process of expanding and talks of “what’s to come” have been had. Ideas have been thrown around of what people would like to see with this new expansion, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to hear the words, “the band is getting back together.” And what a pleasant surprise! 


On November 1st, CrossFit Myrtle Beach and CrossFit Driving Formations will merge into one. The location will be at CrossFit Driving Formations and we will be using CrossFit Myrtle Beach as the name, as well as, using a brand new logo that neither box have used before. We will be gaining Coach Steve as a partner, along with various coaches, various members, and most importantly, gaining new family. We look forward to growing together with CrossFIt Myrtle Beach into one and think this new transition is going to bring out some awesome change. 

Meet Stephen Schuessler: 

I moved down here 24 years ago to work at the Myrtle Beach Fire Department where I’ve been working with the City Fire Department ever since. I got into CrossFit by competing in The World Firefighter Combat Challenge for 11 years and the top guys in the world were doing an exercise called CrossFit and we ended up getting into that and being around these world champions. Dwayne, Tadd, and myself worked together before in CrossFit and we work together at the Myrtle Beach Fire Department, so we really know each other very well and we mesh very well. I think our personalities will bring a lot to the members of the new gym. 

My favorite WOD is anything including snatches and overhead squats, nothing with burpees though. (We feel ya on that one). My first CrossFit workout was Fran, of course it was scaled though. My favorite gymnastics movement….well let’s just say that’s my weakest area. My favorite cheat meal is chips and dip or any type of Mexican meal. On days off from working or coaching, I love mountain biking. For those who didn’t know about the Horry County Trail and The Hulk, those are great places to go to get a nice little cardio workout Mountain Biking through the trails. At the new box, I will still be coaching most of the same classes that I do now. I love coaching and I love seeing the reaction of people when they do something they’re not able to. I love seeing the changes in their self that they never thought they could do. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they feel their body getting to be where they wanted to be. I’m excited for all the things that are about to happen and I’m excited for the future of the new CrossFit Myrtle Beach. (Us too Steve! We look forward to getting to know you more). 


A majority of us aren’t up before the sun rises, but for those that are, you’ve probably met Duke. In 1967 he started surfing and started skateboarding in 1973-74 and started riding for a bike/skateboarding shop in college. Bahne Skateboards picked him up in 1976 and he managed the 2nd skate park in the US at Myrtle Beach. He started competing in 1976 in the men’s division and is the 2x NC State Men’s Champion and 3rd Overall in the Pro Division at the East Coast Championships in Charlotte in 1977. He rode for Doudican Skateboards when wood boards became popular and performed at different events in DC, NC, SC, GA, and VA. He’s judged contests, did TV commercials and performed in parades. The first parade, SUN FUN, Vanna White was on the float behind him! He started teaching school in 1976 as well. He obtained a basic cert. in 1983, intermediate cert. in 1989, national registry in 1999, and AEMT in 2015. He was with the City of MB Beach Patrol for the summers of 82-84 and Beach Patrol for the Lg service, Surfside, and Garden City in 85-87. He started with the county in 1988 as the Waterfront Director for the Co Beaches. This is his 29th years with the BP and he is a class 3 officer. This is his 52nd year on the beach in some safety capacity. He became a WSI LGI LGIT EMRI EMRIT FACPRAEDInst and IT (sorry if I butchered this) and still competes some in his age group in USLA competitions. Oh! And he does CrossFit! He’s pretty much amazing and that’s why he was chosen to be our athlete of the month! Congratulations Duke! You deserve every bit of it! 


We want to give a huge shout out to Olban who obtained his USA Weightlifting Coaching Certificate! We really pride ourselves on having our coaches educated on fitness and what they are coaching/teaching. We are so proud of Olban and this huge accomplishment! With this and with the addition of more space, Olban will be teaching Olympic Weightlifting Classes! We are so excited for this and for what’s to come. 


There’s obviously a lot of buzz around the box here lately. There’s a lot of work to be done and there’s a lot of fun things to come. On October 14th from 3-6PM at CFDM, we will be having a social gathering so that CrossFit MB and CFDM can come together as a family before the official merge on November 1st. This will be a great way for everyone to meet each other and socialize. Please bring a dish to share and your favorite beverage. We can’t wait to see everyone and meet some new faces. Because as always, we roll deep! 


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The One About Skyler and Jeff

With so many athletes working so hard, it was near impossible to pick just one athlete of the month, so we picked two. If you come to the box, chances are you almost always see at least one of these two individuals there in the back of the box working out. It seems as if they live at the box, breathing and eating all things CrossFit. Please join us in congratulating Skyler and Jeff. 

Meet Skyler:


Tell us a little about yourself: I pretty much train all day, from the time I leave work at 9:30AM to the afternoon. Sometimes I don’t know how to slow down and I beat myself up a lot. I hate taking days off because I always feel like I’m going downhill. Everything I do, I try to give it 100%. I used to be a bodybuilder and felt like I missed out a lot on being a college student because I didn’t party like the other kids. Instead, I worked my ass off to be a bodybuilder. Turned out, no matter how much I trained or worked out, people always had better genetics or a better look, so I never became a great bodybuilder. I decided to do CrossFit because it didn’t matter about looks, it mattered how hard someone worked to win! I like sports where hard work pays off! I’m getting ready to do a competition in Wilmington called the Reignited Games with Cody as my partner. 

How long have you being doing CrossFit?: I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 10 months now. (Let us just say that you would never know it!) 

Why CrossFit Driving Formations?: I chose CrossFit Driving Formations because I knew Tadd was a badass, so I thought, why not go there?!

What’s your favorite lift and gymnastics movement?: My favorite lift is snatch and gymnastics in handstand pushups or walks. 

What’s your favorite WOD?: I’d say Isabel. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?: Five Guys or a homemade burger. 


Meet Jeff:

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with ATI in Murrells Inlet. To be honest, I live a pretty basic life due to my commitment to CrossFit. I really enjoy watching movies and going to restaurants on the weekend with my girlfriend, Meredith Helline. I really want to take the time to say thank you to her, for the support to chase my dreams in CrossFit, which is to make regionals in the 1-2 years, whether that is team or individual. I am currently training for the Granite Games, which will be held in Minnesota next week from September 8-11th. The Granite Games is one of the largest online qualifiers in the country, and even though Skyler is not on the team with me, he was a huge help at pushing me during the qualifying process. I will be doing two of my other friends in MN to compete. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit? I found CrossFit in 2012, but was unable to dedicate time to it due to grad school. Once I finished school, I moved down here to the beach and just participated in regular classes. 2016 was my first open I really compete in, and it was after that when I realized I really loved the sport and wanted to put in more than just class work. Following the 2016 season, I started following Misfits Competitors Training, which was super helpful for last year. After seeing the results in the 2017 Open of putting in two hours a day, I decided that I would need to pretty much eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit to reach my goals. Therefore, I have recently switched to personal programming out of Columbia which has my putting in 3-4 hours a day of training. 

Why CrossFit Driving Formations?: That’s simple. CFDF has the best athletes and I wanted to be a part of that. 

What do you love the most about CFDF?: The community. 

What’s your favorite WOD?: That’s a hard question. I really like Fran, Karen, and DT. 

What’s your favorite lift and gymnastics move?: Cleans. I like MU (muscle ups), C2B (chest to bar), and HSPU (handstand push ups). 

Who are your favorite male/female athletes?: Sam Dancer, Matt Fraser, and Dan Bailey. Sara Sigminsdottir. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?: Wings, Sour Patch Kids, Halo Top, and Cookies. 

Congratulations to Skyler and Jeff for being our athletes of the month. It is well deserved. You both work hard and it is obvious to anyone who steps foot in the box. We’re proud of you both and can’t wait to see you guys crush it in your upcoming competitions. We look forward to watching you guys continue to chase your dreams and surpass your goals. 


A huge shout out to Kelly for completing her CrossFit Kids course! We’re all super proud of you and eager to see what’s in store for the kids at CFDF. We pride ourselves in having coaches that are trained to coach. It's important to us that our coaches go through the proper training and receive certifications so that they can properly coach and assist you in reaching your personal goals and in keeping you safe. 

kelly .jpg


This is the time of year where it seems like the pounds can really creep up on you if you're not careful. School has officially started back up, summer is coming to a close, and the holidays are right around the corner. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas parties. This is a great time to be proactive and get your nutrition and fitness in check. This is the time to take advantage of classes and open box. Know a friend who needs CrossFit in their life? Bring them! As always, Tadd and Dwayne are available for personal training. All of the coaches are dedicated in helping you reach your goals and we want to help you stay on track this holiday season, because as always, we roll deep. 



The One About Denise

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in August and that it’s almost time to start back to school. It’s still hot outside and just doesn’t seem possible that fall is almost here. But as we say goodbye to one month, we say hello to another, and of course to a new athlete of the month. This month’s athlete brings us someone who is consistent in attendance, has a positive attitude, works hard, and pushes herself everyday. Please join us in congratulating this month’s athlete of the month, Denise Putnam. We are so proud of you and your progress and enjoy watching you grow. Congratulations!

Last month we told you how hard Tadd and Dwayne work at the box and all of the time and effort that they put in to making things great. What we didn’t tell you was that they’ve officially secured the space next-door and will now be expanding sometime in September! A special thank you goes out to rockstar members Sean Kort and Brittany Ridden for donating an entire day to get up at 5am and drive to Columbia to get more mats for the new expansion. Also, thank you to everyone who helped move them once they got back! 

Congratulations to Laura and Josh as they competed in the American Open Series Weightlifting Meet down in Miami! They did a wonderful job and we are so proud of them both! Congratulations to Laura for winning Gold in her weight class! 

Another big congratulations goes out to Debbie and Britteny as they competed in The Tigertown Throwdown this past weekend and placed second! We are so very proud of you guys! Congratulations! 

Are you competing in a competition coming up? Are you looking for a partner for an upcoming competition? Do you know of any great competitions coming up that you want to let other box members know about? Let us know! Someone is always looking to compete and we always want to cheer you on every step of the way! Because as always, we roll deep!



The One About Our Fearless Leaders

Tadd and Dwayne. Our fearless leaders. These two fine gentlemen are our athletes of the month. They’re strong, disciplined, and hard working. They both work full time jobs at the fire department, run the box full time, are husbands, and have families. They both balance their lives well and deserve more credit and recognition than we could ever give them. They are constantly trying to make the box a better place by getting new equipment, through expanding, and by listening to member’s ideas and feedback. They are dedicated to making CrossFit Driving Formations the best place it can be and they are dedicated to helping each athlete reach their full potential. They are too humble to ever draw any attention to themselves, but we’d like to give them a special shout out to let them know how loved and appreciated they are.

Once you have the CrossFit bug, you will use any holiday as an excuse to workout. The Fourth of July is no exception. At CFDF, we like to celebrate our freedom by participating in an annual WOD on the beach. On lookers watched as we warmed up with an Indian run, some burpees in the sand, butt kicks, high knees, karaoke (and not the kind you sing, though that’d be interesting), some more running, and sit-ups. For the WOD, teams had to work together to complete two burpees, two air squats, and two lunges until reaching cones. Then they had to complete 30 sit-ups as a team and bear crawl back. Then two teammates carried a container down to the ocean to fill it with water and then pour it into an opponent’s bucket while the other teammates completed a run. When a bucket was filled completely with water, that team lost points. This was completed for a total of five rounds. After the WOD, many people stuck around to hang out on the beach.

Can you believe we’re halfway through the year? This is not the time to be slacking on your fitness. Personal training is available at the box through one of our awesome coaches. There are also snacks, drinks, protein, and various supplements available as well. Need a new t-shirt? We have that too. We are devoted to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals, because as always, we roll deep.



The One About Eliete, The Salt Games, and Kinetik

Our newest athlete of the month is also one of our newest box members, meet Eliete Barth. She’s been with us for about two months now and is making incredible progress! We have noticed how eager she is to come in and learn more and have loved watching her improve each day. When we asked her what she loves most about CrossFit Driving Formations, she answered with, “Everything is great, the people are amazing and just make you feel so welcome. The coaches are so sweet and helpful and they do a great job of making you feel comfortable. I really enjoy coming there every day.” And we enjoy having you every day, Eliete! You are a joy to be around and we love celebrating in your daily progress alongside you!

Speaking of celebrating, congratulations to all the athletes who competed in The Salt Games over the weekend! If you’ve never been, you are truly missing out. It is typically a long, hot weekend, that is filled with a lot of fun, fitness, and PRs, and this past weekend certainly lived up to that once more. There’s nothing like sweating it out in head to head competitions on the beach with some amazing athletes from all over. It’s a very fun, very well put together competition, and CFDF is excited to have been a part of it. Congratulations to all the athletes that competed, but especially to our own. We love watching each of you accomplish things that you never thought you could, especially those big PRs!

We want to give a huge shout out and thanks to Kinetik Collective for setting up at the box on Tuesday and allowing our members (and visitors) a chance to shop from your collection of shoes, apparel, and accessories! You guys have some awesome goodies and we know our athletes enjoyed being able to try things on and shop at your pop up store during and in between classes! Thanks again guys! 

We'd also like to give a shout out to all of our drop ins! School is officially out and the beach has hit its peak season, which typically means we see a lot more drop ins! We love you guys and wouldn't be what we are without you! We hope you all feel welcome and comfortable while you're here on vacation (or for work)! Our home is your home, because as always, we roll deep! 



The One About Frank

It’s a new month, which of course calls for our newest athlete of the month, Frank! Always smiling, always happy, and always giving it 100%. He competed in The Open, competed in The Salt Games last year, and is looking to compete in The Salt Games again this year! He works two to three jobs, but still always finds to time to make the box and his fitness a priority. Congratulations Frank! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

Though these past few days have been a little cooler, summer weather is already upon us and we’re almost at the halfway point through the year! This is not the time to be slacking in your fitness. Now is the time to hit the box harder than ever and take your fitness goals to the next level. On May 1st, we just kicked off a fitness challenge that includes daily tracking sheets, nutritional cheat sheets, accountability through a Facebook group page, and chances to win prizes. We can’t wait to see everyone’s progress at the end of the 21 day challenge!

Still looking for ways to challenge yourself? Looking for some competition? The Salt Games is coming up on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th. This event is always a huge blast and we typically have a great deal of attendance and participation from our box. Several teams are already signed up and a few more people are still looking to form teams. Several members typically bring a few tents and everyone hangs out for the day, cheering each other on. Even if you’re not competing, this event is FREE for spectators, there are some great food vendors, some awesome music to listen to, and plenty of different activities to watch like surfing, paddle boarding, volleyball, and of course the CrossFit competition that is put on by Crossfit Up Dog. This year’s CrossFit competition will consist of four person teams competing on both days, with four WODs, and one final WOD for the top six teams in each division. If you’re competing, we can’t wait to cheer you on! If you’re not, we can’t wait to see you there and hang out. It’s going to be an awesome, fun, long weekend.

Looking for a weightlifting event? The South Carolina LWC State Championship will be held on July 1st in Columbia at Cardinal Newman High School. Since this will be South Carolina’s first State Championship, they are limiting the event to 60-70 athletes, with online registration ending on June 15th, so be sure to go ahead and sign up for this one before spaces fill up!

Know of any other CrossFit or weightlifting events/competitions coming up? Let us know! Athletes are almost always looking for partners and/or people to carpool with. Also, it’s fun to go to an event and know another friendly face. If you’re competing in an upcoming event, let us know! We want to cheer you on! We’re excited for you and your progress as an athlete and want to be a part of your personal achievements, because as always, we roll deep!



The Challenge Starts May 1st at CFDF!

We wanted to send you a quick reminder about the Driving TransFormation Challenge starting May 1st at CrossFit Driving Formations. Space is limited and we’d love to save a spot for you.

Here are several reasons why you’ll love this program:

  • We’ll focus on simple daily habits
  • You’ll develop a “framework” for managing your health
  • You’ll be surrounded by other awesome people
  • We’ll have plenty of bonus opportunities, prizes, and other fun stuff

Check out the Tracking Sheet to see the structure. No experience is necessary – this program is open to all fitness levels.

Register now to reserve your spot!

– CrossFit Driving Formations



Where Do You Find Healthy Recipes?


Several days ago we introduced the “balanced meal formula” as a sustainable approach to nutrition. In case you missed it, you can still download the cheat sheet here.

Today we wanted to answer a very common question: where can I find healthy recipes?

We’re glad you asked! Below are a few of our favorite websites, which together have 100s of recipes that will help you follow the “balanced meal formula”:

Please note that you don’t have to be “paleo” to see results with this system. It just so happens that these sites have the best healthy recipes (in our opinion).

Also, if you’re looking to build an inventory of healthy recipes (and save time on your shopping list), there’s a great app called Paprika!

Challenge Yourself

If you’d like to learn about other great resources, we hope you’ll join the Driving TransFormation Challenge starting May 1st at CrossFit Driving Formations. Regardless of your fitness level, this program has everything you need to get on track and start seeing results in 21 days.

Check the website for details!

– CrossFit Driving Formations



The Problem with Calorie Counting

Digital Image of Challenge.jpg


In advance of the Driving TransFormation Challenge on May 1st, we wanted to pass along some insight on healthy nutrition.

When thinking about “losing weight” and “getting in shape”, most people tend to focus on calories. After all, the concept is pretty simple: you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat.

The health industry is focused on this concept as well. We see plenty of “low calorie” foods at the grocery store and nearly every treadmill, elliptical, and fitness app proudly display the “calories burned” from each workout.

However, here’s why this approach is somewhat ineffective:

  • Calorie counting has up to an 18% margin of error (study)
  • Calorie counting does not account for macro nutrients. Sure, you’ll lose weight if you only eat 1,000 calories of candy every day, but is this good for your health?
  • Calorie counting is exhausting! Do you really want to log everything you eat?

Instead of calories, we’d like you to focus on balance during this challenge. Specifically, we’ve developed a “balanced meal formula” that focuses on the following food groups:

  • Lean protein
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy fats
  • Water


Not only will this formula help you transform your body, but you’ll also reduce your cravings and beat that “energy slump” that tends to occur in the afternoon.

Don’t worry too much about the portions – just focus on the right balance and you’ll be on your way to better health!

The Driving TransFormation Challenge

Would you like to improve your nutrition in the company of other awesome people? If so, we hope you’ll join us for the Driving TransFormation Challenge starting May 1st at CrossFit Driving Formations.

It includes a training program, tracking sheet, Facebook group, and other cheat sheets to help you achieve rapid results in 21 days. Check out our website and feel free to reply to this email with any questions!

– CrossFit Driving Formations



The One About Jay

The Open is now closed and we are so incredibly proud of all of our athletes. There’s nothing like watching people give it 185%. When they think there’s nothing left, they push some more and literally leave everything on the mats. We’ve watched people make PRs and we’ve watched people complete movements and skills that they’ve never been able to do before.


We’d like to take the time to celebrate everyone that participated in The Open by inviting everyone to come to the box on Friday, April 6th. The last class of the day will be held at 4:15 and the celebrations will begin after, including food that will be catered in.


Our athlete of the month was chosen because of her enthusiasm during The Open. We loved to watch how well she did, but we really loved how much she really got into it and enjoyed it.


Meet Jay:


My name is Janaina, AKA Jay. I’m from Brazil, married, and mother of two handsome and sometimes shy, boys. I started CrossFit in December 2015 and fell in love the first day. I love CFDF because of so many things, but the first that caught my eye was that it is family oriented and the people there are so friendly. They accept me no matter where I’m from, and the coaches are amazing. The Open. What can I say? I had an amazing time. I loved how everyone pushed themselves and how everyone cheers you on so you can get one more rep. It’s amazing how they don’t care if you’re going to get one more rep, or more points, or better times than themselves, they just keep pushing you to do more even if you’re dying. And now I’m so excited for the Salt Games. I just wanted to thank everyone for having me and bearing with my English. Haha. ;-)


Congratulations Jay! What a joy it is to see people working so hard and achieving greatness! Congratulations! You deserve it!


Hungry for more competition? The Garage Games will be held in Kennesaw, GA on May 6th and 7th. This is always a really good competition to attend and we’re sure this year won’t disappoint. The Salt Games will follow that on June 3rd and 4th, right here in Myrtle Beach. This one is always a great time with some awesome competition as well. If you know of any other competitions, let us know! Because as always, we roll deep! 



The One About Joe

Society does a great job at telling people they’re not good enough. There’s always someone out there who is better, faster, and stronger at everything under the sun. In more recent years, social media has played an even bigger part at letting people know just how unworthy they are. People constantly aren’t getting the job, didn’t make the team, didn’t make the cut, didn’t quite measure up, failed the test, and the list goes on. It’s so easy to get discouraged and frustrated, feeling like you’re just not good enough, but if you walk into just about any CrossFit box, you’ll quickly realize that the energy there is nothing but uplifting. Walk into a CrossFit box and it’s likely you’ll see a group of people cheering each other on. Sometimes the entire box is huddled around one person, encouraging them to finish just one last rep. Chances are at one point in time, you’ve been that person. You’ve felt an entire room come around you and cheer you on and literally tell you to keep going while the sweat is pouring down your body. You’ve had other athletes and coaches yell at you to get up just one more time, one more rep, to keep going, you’ve got it, and that you’re doing awesome. Now that the CrossFit Open is underway, you’re even more likely to see people not only cheering each other on, but seeing people achieving movements for the very first time that they never thought was humanly possible. Young people, older people, people with all sorts of disabilities are competing in The Open. Our very own Gabby is our youngest competitor at just seven years old and she’s killing the workouts. At CFDF, Saturday’s during The Open is certainly something you don’t want to miss. It’s encouraging to watch everyone compete against each other, compete against themselves, beat previous PRs, achieve movements they never thought were possible, and cheer each other on. That’s what’s so great about CrossFit. Everyone has each other’s backs when it feels like the rest of the world doesn’t.

Look at that smile! First muscle up! 

Look at that smile! First muscle up! 

First muscle up! 

First muscle up! 

The whole room stopped that night to cheer Kevin on! 

The whole room stopped that night to cheer Kevin on! 

To those who are competing in the Open, we are so proud of each of you! We are watching you and congratulate you for all of your personal PRs and accomplishments! Keep up the good work! It’s not over yet.


This month’s athlete of the month is Joe Hock. He is going to school and hoping to become a firefighter in the near future. He loves being outside, hanging with friends and his puppy, Liberty.

Meet Joe:

April 11, 2014 I was on my motorcycle and got hit by a couple of cars. I wasn’t supposed to be alive after breaking my face, neck, back, and shoulder, but here I am. I came to CFDF scared about my level of fitness and that Tadd and Dwayne would be less sympathetic and helpful and I couldn’t be more wrong. They absolutely took me in with an open mind and with their knowledge of the sport, have helped me become even stronger that I was before! CFDF is an awesome family and everyone is so friendly and encouraging and helpful. I couldn’t have found a more friendly place to spend my time.

We are so proud of you Joe. We have seen your hard work and dedication and are so happy to watch your progress. When it seems like the world is going against you, know that CFDF always has your back, because as always, we roll deep!





The One About Being Certified

When you look for a school or for someone to care for your children, you’re more than likely looking for someone who is qualified. You probably want someone who is certified to teach and being certified in CPR is also more than likely a plus. We’re even willing to relocate our families to another city or even state to be able to have a better education. Even when it comes to college, we’re willing to move across the country or even the world to have the best education and opportunities, whatever the cost may be.

When you look for someone to fix your car, you’re probably looking for someone who is a certified mechanic. You want to take it to someone who is reputable and won’t rip you off. You’re probably looking for someone who will do a great job, even if that means having to drive a little further to get there.

When you’re looking for someone to build a house for you, fix just about anything in your home, or even renovate your house, you’re more than likely looking for the best. You’re probably looking for someone who is certified in home building, plumbing, or whatever it is you are needing. You’re probably looking for someone who comes highly recommended and who has a list of references and even certifications.

The point? Why is it that when it comes to working out and looking for a gym and/or personal trainer, we’re looking for the cheapest and closest place? For some reason, we don’t seem to be interested in whether our trainers are certified to teach us the proper way to reach our personal fitness goals. When it comes to our personal fitness, we’re not willing to pay premium price to have the best coaches and we’re certainly not willing to drive out of the way. We’re mostly all just looking for a quick fix.

With gyms popping up all over the place and with the CrossFit community growing, it probably comes as no surprise that more and more fitness centers are beginning to adopt CrossFit style training and classes without adopting the CrossFit name. However, are they certified to do so? That’s why at CrossFit Driving Formations we want you to know what you’re paying for. All our coaches hold their Level One Certificate. Our coaches have gone through intense training that allows them to be able to program specific workouts that are tailored to helping you meet your personal fitness goals. There’s a rhyme and reason to why they program certain WODs on certain days and why they have us doing certain strengths. There’s a lot of thought and time that goes into every WOD that is planned.


Our athlete of the month is Brittany Rodden. Congratulations Brittany! We have noticed you working hard and for that, you have been named our athlete of the month!

Meet Brittany:

I tried out CrossFit in May of 2014 but didn’t officially start until May of 2015. I joined CrossFit Driving Formations in August after I moved down here for a job, but visited twice before. My favorite things that I like about CFDF is the comradery that we have. I also like how I am pushed every day to get better and try new things. I’m doing the open this year to A.) see how I improved from last year and B.) to get top 15% worldwide. My goals for CrossFit are to A.) get a muscle-up, B.) make it to Wodapalooza, C.) make it to regionals, and D). make it to the games (a girl can dream, right?!?!). A little about me: I played soccer ever since I was 8, also had college offers but turned them down for my choice of career path. I have competed in the Wodapalooza Transformation Challenge and got Top 10 in that with only losing 10 pounds. I have currently lost 30 pounds since May and plan to keep it off! I also love to play video games, but also love to get dressed up once in a while.


We wanted to give a big shout out to Danny and Jacqui Perez for having our newest box member, Elias! We can't wait to have him working out alongside us all! Congratulations! 

Here is a link to their Meal Train if you'd like to bring them a meal as they continue to adjust to a family of three.


If you haven’t signed up for The CrossFit Open yet, it’s not too late. The Open will begin on February 23rd and will last for five weeks. Below are some reason why some of our athletes are choosing to do The Open this year and we hope you’ll join us, because as always, we roll deep! 



The One About $300

As 2016 has ended, we don’t want to push it too far into our past without honoring two awesome female athletes who have pushed themselves to complete their Phase I testing! Congratulations to Tatiana Lemos de Lima and Britteny Cooley Henderson. You ladies rock and we are so proud of you two for working extra hard to complete your Phase testing before the end of the year!

Shifting into 2017, if you’ve been a part of CrossFit for any length of time, you are likely familiar with The Open. Beginning on January 12th for $20, athletes aged 14 years and older will be able to register. The Open will consist of five different workouts spanning over five weeks, beginning on February 23rd and ending on March 27th. Workouts will be released on Thursdays at 5:00PM PT and will then allow athletes to complete the given workout and then log their time by Monday at 5:00PM PT. Scaled and RX workouts are available to allow more athletes to participate. In order for your score to count, you must complete your workout with a judge and/or record your workout and submit the link. At CrossFit Driving Formations, we strongly encourage everyone to sign up and participate. This is a great way to see where you are and compare yourself to other athletes. Our very own Tadd Rubin and Dwayne Harris consistently place in the top 5% each year among the male individual athletes. Just for perspective, there were 178,560 male athletes last year! Make sure to sign up so you can see where you are as well!

Speaking of signing up for The Open, are you ready for it? Join Coach Dwayne, aka “$,” and Coach Tadd, aka “El Jefe,” in a 2017 CrossFit Open Prep class as they take you through a detailed explanation on strategy and efficiency of the most common movements you are likely to see in the 2017 Open based on previous CrossFit Open workouts. This will be a 4-part series with each part consisting of 2 to 3 movements in which they will breakdown rep schemes, positional cues, pacing and clock management. Whether this is your first year participating in the CrossFit Open or if you are just looking to improve on some weaknesses that held you back in previous Opens, they will give you the tools to maximize your potential. Classes will be held at 8:00AM on Sunday, January 8th and 29th and February 5th and 19th, with the first Open Workout being released Thursday February 23rd. This is open to members and non-members. Make sure to reserve your spot!

The pricing for this four-class package is $50.00, or you can pay per class for $18.00.

Aside from The Open, Coach Tadd, Coach Dwayne, and Coach Jeremy are also available for one on one training sessions. They are dedicated and committed to helping you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be. They recognize that everyone is different and has individual goals and needs. One on one training sessions are a great way to take advantage of their expertise. Give them a call at the numbers below for more information.

Coach Dwayne – (843)331-9033

Coach Tadd – (843)251-4817

oach Jeremy - (908)268-2142

The start of 2017 has brought us our first athlete of the month! This athlete is a teacher and it seems that when she’s not busy teaching her students, she’s at the box being a student herself. You can almost always catch her working out, getting stronger, and making significant gains and it is always with a smile on her face. Please join us in congratulating our athlete of the month, Meagen Johnson!

Meet Meagen:

I started CrossFit when I joined CFDF this past June. That was my first time trying it and I was hooked! I love the coaches and people at CFDF. I have played sports since I was young and have had a lot of coaches but the ones at CFDF are hands down the best I've had. They teach me something every time I come in and they go out of their way to motivate and instruct us individually. The extra time and attention they give to helping everyone improve shows how dedicated they are and how much they care about the CFDF family. I also love the people at CFDF and the family atmosphere they create. Since my first day, everyone has been incredibly motivating and supportive. Seeing people work hard every day and take time to help other athletes is inspiring and makes me want to work harder every day!

***SPECIAL PROMO FOR ALL MEMBERS*** The next member to refer FIVE friends to either a 6 or 12 month commitment, will receive a $300 credit on their account that can be used towards membership dues or retail products. The member will receive their credit once their referrals have been members for at least three months and in good standing! This is an incredible deal! Start inviting your friends and getting those referrals in! The more the merrier, because as always, we roll deep


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The One About Christmas Gifts

This is that time of year where we eat too much turkey, go to quite a few holiday parties, and indulge on one too many sweet treats. It’s a busy time of year that makes it tempting to fall off track when it comes to working out and fitness goals, but there’s at least one person who doesn’t use the holidays as an excuse to skip the gym. Please join us in congratulating our athlete of the month, Martha! She really cares a lot about CFDF and our wellbeing. She always has good advice to share, is always proactive, and productive as well. Her training stays consistent and she continues to make progress in her competitions. We applaud you for your hard work and thank you for getting up before the sun to open the box!

This month’s coaches spotlight brings you Dwayne Harris!

Meet Dwayne:

I’ve always played some sort of sport throughout my life. It was just always something I was interested in. After high school entering college I got involved with intramural sports to feed my appetite for competition.  I ran a few miles a week for cardio and did the old standard Globo Gym “curls for the girls” routine.  In 2007 I became a Firefighter for the City of Myrtle Beach and discovered the Firefighter Combat Challenge, hailed as “The toughest 2 minutes in sports!”  While training and looking for a competitive advantage I was approached by my partner and good friend Tadd Rubin. He says, “Dude you gotta watch this video of this thing called CrossFit”. I continued doing CrossFit on my own before going to an actual class and haven’t looked back. Watching the sport of CrossFit, “The Sport of Fitness” grow so much and seeing how much it is changing people’s lives from people without any athletic background to professional athletes inspired me to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification and my CrossFit Strongman Certification. I want to share my love of fitness with anyone who will listen and show them how it benefits us for a better quality of life. I look forward to staying active in CrossFit and continually learning and progressing. Do Work!

Some more fun facts:

What's your favorite Crossfit movement? Power Cleans
Least favorite movement? Overhead Squats....isn't that everyone's????
Your favorite male and female athlete? Male - Neal MaddoxFemale - Lindy Barber
What's something most people don't know about you? I can pretty much recite all 15 min of the Original "Rappers Delight" song by the Sugar Hill Gang
Your favorite food? New York Style Pizza and Cheesecake.
What do you love about CFDF? I love that I bring my kids in and other members treat them as their own.  It is one big family.
Your full-time job? Firefighter for the City of Myrtle Beach Fire Department
What do you like to do in your spare time? Spend time with my girls (wife and two princesses) and of course work out!

Christmas is 21 days away and hopefully you’ve already started your Christmas shopping, but if not, have no fear, we’ve compiled a small list of five awesome gifts to give that CrossFit athlete in your life.

1.      CrossFit Attire: There are many places online to get great clothes for working out in, but locally, CFDF carries some awesome apparel with our CFDFs logo on them. Make sure to stop in to see our selection!

2.      Kettlebells: Rogue Kettlebells are amazing. They come in various sizes and prices.

3.      Jump Rope: Jumping rope is a great exercise and it’s in a lot of workouts. It’s great to have your own jump rope, especially if you’re wanting to getting better at double unders. There are a lot of great quality jump ropes out there, but just to recommend a few, RX Smart Gear and Rogue Fitness, both offer great products. RX Smart Gear’s jump rope allows you to customize the handles, color of the cable, and width of the cable if you’re looking for a fun colored option. Right now on Rogue, they’re having killer deals on products, including jump ropes, and various shipping deals.

4.      Shoes: Nothing says you’re a true CrossFitter like a pair of CrossFit shoes. Everyone has their preference in brand and style, but Reebok Nanos seem to be favorite amongst most athletes. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and provide the right amount of protection during a WOD.

5.      Snacks and Protein Powder: To help keep you on track before, during, and after your WOD, CFDF carries a variety of supplements, snacks, drinks, and powders to help keep you fueled. There’s nothing quite like a Lenny and Larry’s cookie after a hard WOD. These also make great stocking stuffers!

Danny and Jacqui Perez are welcoming a sweet baby boy in just a few short weeks and we want to shower them with lots of love and gifts before they officially become parents. Please don’t forget that their shower is this Saturday, December 10th. Also, for those that are still working on hitting their phases, the end of the fourth quarter is no later than the end of the business day on December 31st! We hope to see you at the shower, we hope you keep striving towards your goals/phases, and as always, we roll deep! 

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The One About the Big Four Oh

Many people give him a hard time, mainly about his height, but if it weren’t for Tadd (and Dwayne), there wouldn’t be CFDF. Though he’s humble and would never brag or give credit to himself, he deserves a special shout out and round of praise for everything he does for each of us. From working full time at the fire station, to being a Dad to a beautiful family, and from being a husband to an awesome, loving wife, to working full time at CFDF, Tadd is an all-around talented, hardworking, and dedicated person. He deserves much success and happiness and we are all so truly thankful for him. Happy Birthday Tadd! Forty looks good on you!

Meet Tadd:


Originally from Florida, I was born 1976. I’ve always enjoyed sports of any sort. I started working for Myrtle Beach Fire Department in 2003 and became involved in The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. My good friend and business partner Dwayne Harris and I traveled all over the U.S. qualifying for World Championships from 2004 to 2013. Early stages of competing lead me to find ways to train and push myself to levels that were in demand for a greater respiratory function combined with strength, endurance and calmness in mental anguish. I discovered CrossFit in 2009 with Dwayne and haven’t looked back. CrossFit has enabled me to compete with some of the top athletes in the world by combining training methods with various sports to overcome obstacles that in the past seemed to difficult. I have always challenged myself, in everything I do. If it’s not difficult, it’s not worth it. I enjoy the struggle, the commitment, and the reward. I enjoy doing what others say can’t be done. Every little obstacle that is overcome makes me feel closer to being alive. I want to motivate and inspire people to believe they are capable of more from themselves. I do it for my family, my friends, my job and myself. Embrace the struggle and never stop.

Our athlete of the month is no stranger. She has been dedicated and working incredibly hard. It seems she rarely misses a workout these days and new PRs have become regular. That is why it was only appropriate that Kelly Lott be our athlete of the month. Congratulations! We see you and your tremendous amounts of hard work and effort.

Meet Kelly:

Thank you so much for choosing me to be athlete of the month! This was a great surprise!

About 5 years ago I changed my life for the better.  I used to be about 60 pounds heavier.  Then one day I realized I needed to stop making excuses and do something about not only my weight, but the type of lifestyle I want to live.  Fast forward to present day and I’m a completely different person physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I started CrossFit at CFDF about two years ago and it’s been an amazing roller-coaster ride.  I’ve learned so many things about myself and the person I want to be.  The box has pushed me to the limit every time I walk through those doors and every time I break through those walls and come out a stronger woman.  CFDF is my second home and the people there are like my second family.  It’s truly my happy place.  That’s what I love about not only CFDF, but the CrossFit community as a whole.  For the first time in my life I actually feel like I belong somewhere.  I have big goals for CrossFit.  I want to compete more and take my body as far as I can take it.  I know I still have a long way to go, but I know with CFDF backing me up, I’ll get there.  

I’m a sucker for thrusters and box jumps… I don’t know why, but I love them.  And I’m starting to get the hang of handstand walks, so they might be my new favorite in the near future…stay tuned.  My least favorite movement are burpees.  I absolutely HATE them!  I say this a lot when I look at a workout... “It could always be burpees.” 


You may remember in last month’s post we told you about our box rowing challenge. Team Boss elected to use their winnings by purchasing bar clips and custom team t-shirts.

Speaking of t-shirts, though we’ve still had some 90 degree days, cooler weather is upon us and before we know it, sweater weather will be here. We will be having new sweatshirts coming in shortly so keep your eyes open as those tend to go quick!

Halloween brought another friendly competition at the box, this time, costume style. Congratulations to Josh for having the best costume. 

As one holiday ends and another begins, candy is more than likely overflowing in your house and turkey is knocking at your door. Christmas will be here before we know it to finish out the year. Feasts, parties, and various other gatherings are probably already making their way onto your social calendar. Here at CFDF, we aim to keep you on track throughout the holiday season. We offer personal training sessions, as well as, an entire selection of supplements, protein bars, and drinks to help you stay on track. As we enter the holiday season and indulge, we must remember that it isn’t a time for us to fall off course, but rather a time to stick together and hold each other accountable. Because after all, we roll deep.








The One About the Moments

Now that Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound. We hope that power has been restored, or will be shortly, and that you have had no (or very little) damage to your homes and businesses. We hope that you are able to settle back into a normal routine this week, but most of all, we can’t wait to see you all at the box improving on your strength and fitness.

Last month, we had a box rowing and ski challenge where teams lead by Tadd and Dwayne, competed against each other to row the most. Rumors had it that there was a line out the door before 5:00AM each morning just to get in some rowing. Well, maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but we hope that at least gives you some kind of idea at the dedication of our box members. It seemed that there was always at least one member from each team that was in the box rowing or skiing. For those of you still curious about who won, it was Tadd’s team that took home the big win! Each member won money from the buy in to be used towards a group outing of some kind. Stay tuned next month and we’ll update you with how they chose to spend their earnings.

This month we wanted to get to know Coach Martha!  Here’s what she had to say.

Growing up, I never considered myself athletic. I was the kid who took inch-sized jogging steps when the middle school PE teacher told us to run for five minutes. I thought running a mile in high school was impossible, and the only physical test I ever passed was the sit and reach. I dabbled in Globo Gym attendance from high school on, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed or did regularly.

I started CrossFit in April 2011. I had started running and completed the Couch-to-5K program, and I came across some information about CrossFit when looking at some running blogs. I never thought I'd see it in Myrtle Beach, but one day I realized that there was a box here, so I joined. Actually, I originally thought I'd just try it for a few months and then stop because I didn't think I could afford it long-term, but after I got started I realized I loved it and couldn't stop, so I rearranged my budget to make it work. I loved the physical and mental changes I saw through CrossFit.

I started coaching in the fall of 2014 and have loved it ever since!

I decided to switch to CFDF about 6 months after it opened because a good friend was going there and the schedule provided more options for classes that worked for me. Even before I began considering a switch, though, I visited CFDF and was impressed with how supportive and friendly everyone was. I think I met Debbie within 10 minutes of walking in the door to meet up with a friend, and Debbie and I probably talked for 30 minutes that first day!

Some other things about Coach Martha you might not know…

What's your favorite CrossFit movement? Jerks, snatches, and overhead squats.

What’s your least favorite movement? Thrusters.

Who are your favorite male and female athletes? Chris Spealler and Julie Foucher/Kara Webb.

What's something most people don't know about you? I can play most instruments to some extent.

What’s your favorite food? Do chocolate and peanut butter count? :-)

What you love about CFDF? The people are incredible.

What’s your full time job? I teach middle school band.

What do you like to do in your spare time? CrossFit, weightlifting, church activities, play instruments, hang out with friends, read books, etc.

Our athlete of the month is Caleb Miller. When asked about CrossFit Driving Formations and what he loved the most, here’s what he had to say.

What I love about CFDF is definitely the people. The people here are incredible and a joy to be around every day. No matter what time I go, there's always a group of people that make each day the best. What got me to choose CFDF as my personal gym are the coaches. Walking in, they welcomed me with open arms and have helped me with anything that I may need and have shaped me into the athlete I am today by challenging me every day to be the best I can be and pushing beyond limits and getting through grueling workouts I didn't think I could make it through. They're incredible coaches. My favorite moment is seeing others accomplish goals they have set for themselves and then making more goals to aim to achieve. This is my favorite because I love seeing progression, I love seeing people challenge themselves and seeing their faces light up and celebrating when they reach their goals. My least favorite moments... I honestly can say I haven't had any... maybe the day I got the surprise punishment for leaving equipment out... maybe I would say that would be my least favorite. Another least favorite is starting at CFDF doing the first open workout and absolutely getting my tail kicked.... that wasn't the best part for me personally. Anyways, every day is a great day at CFDF. I would like to add that CFDF has become my second family. It feels like a bunch of brothers and sisters in there working together or having small competitions with each other. I definitely love the support everyone gives one another and I haven't seen that in any other gyms having an overall tight knit group of people that would do anything for anyone in the gym. Thank you for choosing me of being athlete of the month and glad to represent the gym the best that I can!

On a side note, Caleb accidentally mixed up the words “movements” and “moments” when being interviewed. Therefore, his favorite movements are squats and power cleans. For body weight movements, he also likes ring muscle ups and handstand push-ups. His least favorite movement is the snatch. Now we know his favorite and least favorite movements, and thanks to his mix up, we also know his favorite and least favorite moments.

Congratulations Caleb. You deserve being athlete of the month. We see your hard work and it doesn’t go unnoticed, and since we’re like family, we can’t go without poking fun at you from time to time. ;-)

We'd also like to acknowledge and congratulate all of the athletes who made the Phase 1 testing this quarter. We'd like to give a big shout out to Steve Duffy, Brittany Rodden, Sean Kort, and Eric Tatro. Congratulations on all of your hard work! Now on to Phase 2! 

We truly hope everyone continues to stay safe and move on from the hurricane, but if anyone needs anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Because, as always, we roll deep.