As 2016 has ended, we don’t want to push it too far into our past without honoring two awesome female athletes who have pushed themselves to complete their Phase I testing! Congratulations to Tatiana Lemos de Lima and Britteny Cooley Henderson. You ladies rock and we are so proud of you two for working extra hard to complete your Phase testing before the end of the year!

Shifting into 2017, if you’ve been a part of CrossFit for any length of time, you are likely familiar with The Open. Beginning on January 12th for $20, athletes aged 14 years and older will be able to register. The Open will consist of five different workouts spanning over five weeks, beginning on February 23rd and ending on March 27th. Workouts will be released on Thursdays at 5:00PM PT and will then allow athletes to complete the given workout and then log their time by Monday at 5:00PM PT. Scaled and RX workouts are available to allow more athletes to participate. In order for your score to count, you must complete your workout with a judge and/or record your workout and submit the link. At CrossFit Driving Formations, we strongly encourage everyone to sign up and participate. This is a great way to see where you are and compare yourself to other athletes. Our very own Tadd Rubin and Dwayne Harris consistently place in the top 5% each year among the male individual athletes. Just for perspective, there were 178,560 male athletes last year! Make sure to sign up so you can see where you are as well!

Speaking of signing up for The Open, are you ready for it? Join Coach Dwayne, aka “$,” and Coach Tadd, aka “El Jefe,” in a 2017 CrossFit Open Prep class as they take you through a detailed explanation on strategy and efficiency of the most common movements you are likely to see in the 2017 Open based on previous CrossFit Open workouts. This will be a 4-part series with each part consisting of 2 to 3 movements in which they will breakdown rep schemes, positional cues, pacing and clock management. Whether this is your first year participating in the CrossFit Open or if you are just looking to improve on some weaknesses that held you back in previous Opens, they will give you the tools to maximize your potential. Classes will be held at 8:00AM on Sunday, January 8th and 29th and February 5th and 19th, with the first Open Workout being released Thursday February 23rd. This is open to members and non-members. Make sure to reserve your spot!

The pricing for this four-class package is $50.00, or you can pay per class for $18.00.

Aside from The Open, Coach Tadd, Coach Dwayne, and Coach Jeremy are also available for one on one training sessions. They are dedicated and committed to helping you achieve your personal goals, whatever they may be. They recognize that everyone is different and has individual goals and needs. One on one training sessions are a great way to take advantage of their expertise. Give them a call at the numbers below for more information.

Coach Dwayne – (843)331-9033

Coach Tadd – (843)251-4817

oach Jeremy - (908)268-2142

The start of 2017 has brought us our first athlete of the month! This athlete is a teacher and it seems that when she’s not busy teaching her students, she’s at the box being a student herself. You can almost always catch her working out, getting stronger, and making significant gains and it is always with a smile on her face. Please join us in congratulating our athlete of the month, Meagen Johnson!

Meet Meagen:

I started CrossFit when I joined CFDF this past June. That was my first time trying it and I was hooked! I love the coaches and people at CFDF. I have played sports since I was young and have had a lot of coaches but the ones at CFDF are hands down the best I've had. They teach me something every time I come in and they go out of their way to motivate and instruct us individually. The extra time and attention they give to helping everyone improve shows how dedicated they are and how much they care about the CFDF family. I also love the people at CFDF and the family atmosphere they create. Since my first day, everyone has been incredibly motivating and supportive. Seeing people work hard every day and take time to help other athletes is inspiring and makes me want to work harder every day!

***SPECIAL PROMO FOR ALL MEMBERS*** The next member to refer FIVE friends to either a 6 or 12 month commitment, will receive a $300 credit on their account that can be used towards membership dues or retail products. The member will receive their credit once their referrals have been members for at least three months and in good standing! This is an incredible deal! Start inviting your friends and getting those referrals in! The more the merrier, because as always, we roll deep