It’s no surprise that “big things” were coming, but no one knew exactly what that meant. The box is in the process of expanding and talks of “what’s to come” have been had. Ideas have been thrown around of what people would like to see with this new expansion, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to hear the words, “the band is getting back together.” And what a pleasant surprise! 


On November 1st, CrossFit Myrtle Beach and CrossFit Driving Formations will merge into one. The location will be at CrossFit Driving Formations and we will be using CrossFit Myrtle Beach as the name, as well as, using a brand new logo that neither box have used before. We will be gaining Coach Steve as a partner, along with various coaches, various members, and most importantly, gaining new family. We look forward to growing together with CrossFIt Myrtle Beach into one and think this new transition is going to bring out some awesome change. 

Meet Stephen Schuessler: 

I moved down here 24 years ago to work at the Myrtle Beach Fire Department where I’ve been working with the City Fire Department ever since. I got into CrossFit by competing in The World Firefighter Combat Challenge for 11 years and the top guys in the world were doing an exercise called CrossFit and we ended up getting into that and being around these world champions. Dwayne, Tadd, and myself worked together before in CrossFit and we work together at the Myrtle Beach Fire Department, so we really know each other very well and we mesh very well. I think our personalities will bring a lot to the members of the new gym. 

My favorite WOD is anything including snatches and overhead squats, nothing with burpees though. (We feel ya on that one). My first CrossFit workout was Fran, of course it was scaled though. My favorite gymnastics movement….well let’s just say that’s my weakest area. My favorite cheat meal is chips and dip or any type of Mexican meal. On days off from working or coaching, I love mountain biking. For those who didn’t know about the Horry County Trail and The Hulk, those are great places to go to get a nice little cardio workout Mountain Biking through the trails. At the new box, I will still be coaching most of the same classes that I do now. I love coaching and I love seeing the reaction of people when they do something they’re not able to. I love seeing the changes in their self that they never thought they could do. I love seeing the smiles on their faces when they feel their body getting to be where they wanted to be. I’m excited for all the things that are about to happen and I’m excited for the future of the new CrossFit Myrtle Beach. (Us too Steve! We look forward to getting to know you more). 


A majority of us aren’t up before the sun rises, but for those that are, you’ve probably met Duke. In 1967 he started surfing and started skateboarding in 1973-74 and started riding for a bike/skateboarding shop in college. Bahne Skateboards picked him up in 1976 and he managed the 2nd skate park in the US at Myrtle Beach. He started competing in 1976 in the men’s division and is the 2x NC State Men’s Champion and 3rd Overall in the Pro Division at the East Coast Championships in Charlotte in 1977. He rode for Doudican Skateboards when wood boards became popular and performed at different events in DC, NC, SC, GA, and VA. He’s judged contests, did TV commercials and performed in parades. The first parade, SUN FUN, Vanna White was on the float behind him! He started teaching school in 1976 as well. He obtained a basic cert. in 1983, intermediate cert. in 1989, national registry in 1999, and AEMT in 2015. He was with the City of MB Beach Patrol for the summers of 82-84 and Beach Patrol for the Lg service, Surfside, and Garden City in 85-87. He started with the county in 1988 as the Waterfront Director for the Co Beaches. This is his 29th years with the BP and he is a class 3 officer. This is his 52nd year on the beach in some safety capacity. He became a WSI LGI LGIT EMRI EMRIT FACPRAEDInst and IT (sorry if I butchered this) and still competes some in his age group in USLA competitions. Oh! And he does CrossFit! He’s pretty much amazing and that’s why he was chosen to be our athlete of the month! Congratulations Duke! You deserve every bit of it! 


We want to give a huge shout out to Olban who obtained his USA Weightlifting Coaching Certificate! We really pride ourselves on having our coaches educated on fitness and what they are coaching/teaching. We are so proud of Olban and this huge accomplishment! With this and with the addition of more space, Olban will be teaching Olympic Weightlifting Classes! We are so excited for this and for what’s to come. 


There’s obviously a lot of buzz around the box here lately. There’s a lot of work to be done and there’s a lot of fun things to come. On October 14th from 3-6PM at CFDM, we will be having a social gathering so that CrossFit MB and CFDM can come together as a family before the official merge on November 1st. This will be a great way for everyone to meet each other and socialize. Please bring a dish to share and your favorite beverage. We can’t wait to see everyone and meet some new faces. Because as always, we roll deep! 


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