When you look for a school or for someone to care for your children, you’re more than likely looking for someone who is qualified. You probably want someone who is certified to teach and being certified in CPR is also more than likely a plus. We’re even willing to relocate our families to another city or even state to be able to have a better education. Even when it comes to college, we’re willing to move across the country or even the world to have the best education and opportunities, whatever the cost may be.

When you look for someone to fix your car, you’re probably looking for someone who is a certified mechanic. You want to take it to someone who is reputable and won’t rip you off. You’re probably looking for someone who will do a great job, even if that means having to drive a little further to get there.

When you’re looking for someone to build a house for you, fix just about anything in your home, or even renovate your house, you’re more than likely looking for the best. You’re probably looking for someone who is certified in home building, plumbing, or whatever it is you are needing. You’re probably looking for someone who comes highly recommended and who has a list of references and even certifications.

The point? Why is it that when it comes to working out and looking for a gym and/or personal trainer, we’re looking for the cheapest and closest place? For some reason, we don’t seem to be interested in whether our trainers are certified to teach us the proper way to reach our personal fitness goals. When it comes to our personal fitness, we’re not willing to pay premium price to have the best coaches and we’re certainly not willing to drive out of the way. We’re mostly all just looking for a quick fix.

With gyms popping up all over the place and with the CrossFit community growing, it probably comes as no surprise that more and more fitness centers are beginning to adopt CrossFit style training and classes without adopting the CrossFit name. However, are they certified to do so? That’s why at CrossFit Driving Formations we want you to know what you’re paying for. All our coaches hold their Level One Certificate. Our coaches have gone through intense training that allows them to be able to program specific workouts that are tailored to helping you meet your personal fitness goals. There’s a rhyme and reason to why they program certain WODs on certain days and why they have us doing certain strengths. There’s a lot of thought and time that goes into every WOD that is planned.


Our athlete of the month is Brittany Rodden. Congratulations Brittany! We have noticed you working hard and for that, you have been named our athlete of the month!

Meet Brittany:

I tried out CrossFit in May of 2014 but didn’t officially start until May of 2015. I joined CrossFit Driving Formations in August after I moved down here for a job, but visited twice before. My favorite things that I like about CFDF is the comradery that we have. I also like how I am pushed every day to get better and try new things. I’m doing the open this year to A.) see how I improved from last year and B.) to get top 15% worldwide. My goals for CrossFit are to A.) get a muscle-up, B.) make it to Wodapalooza, C.) make it to regionals, and D). make it to the games (a girl can dream, right?!?!). A little about me: I played soccer ever since I was 8, also had college offers but turned them down for my choice of career path. I have competed in the Wodapalooza Transformation Challenge and got Top 10 in that with only losing 10 pounds. I have currently lost 30 pounds since May and plan to keep it off! I also love to play video games, but also love to get dressed up once in a while.


We wanted to give a big shout out to Danny and Jacqui Perez for having our newest box member, Elias! We can't wait to have him working out alongside us all! Congratulations! 

Here is a link to their Meal Train if you'd like to bring them a meal as they continue to adjust to a family of three. 



If you haven’t signed up for The CrossFit Open yet, it’s not too late. The Open will begin on February 23rd and will last for five weeks. Below are some reason why some of our athletes are choosing to do The Open this year and we hope you’ll join us, because as always, we roll deep!