The Open is now closed and we are so incredibly proud of all of our athletes. There’s nothing like watching people give it 185%. When they think there’s nothing left, they push some more and literally leave everything on the mats. We’ve watched people make PRs and we’ve watched people complete movements and skills that they’ve never been able to do before.


We’d like to take the time to celebrate everyone that participated in The Open by inviting everyone to come to the box on Friday, April 6th. The last class of the day will be held at 4:15 and the celebrations will begin after, including food that will be catered in.


Our athlete of the month was chosen because of her enthusiasm during The Open. We loved to watch how well she did, but we really loved how much she really got into it and enjoyed it.


Meet Jay:


My name is Janaina, AKA Jay. I’m from Brazil, married, and mother of two handsome and sometimes shy, boys. I started CrossFit in December 2015 and fell in love the first day. I love CFDF because of so many things, but the first that caught my eye was that it is family oriented and the people there are so friendly. They accept me no matter where I’m from, and the coaches are amazing. The Open. What can I say? I had an amazing time. I loved how everyone pushed themselves and how everyone cheers you on so you can get one more rep. It’s amazing how they don’t care if you’re going to get one more rep, or more points, or better times than themselves, they just keep pushing you to do more even if you’re dying. And now I’m so excited for the Salt Games. I just wanted to thank everyone for having me and bearing with my English. Haha. ;-)


Congratulations Jay! What a joy it is to see people working so hard and achieving greatness! Congratulations! You deserve it!


Hungry for more competition? The Garage Games will be held in Kennesaw, GA on May 6th and 7th. This is always a really good competition to attend and we’re sure this year won’t disappoint. The Salt Games will follow that on June 3rd and 4th, right here in Myrtle Beach. This one is always a great time with some awesome competition as well. If you know of any other competitions, let us know! Because as always, we roll deep!