With so many athletes working so hard, it was near impossible to pick just one athlete of the month, so we picked two. If you come to the box, chances are you almost always see at least one of these two individuals there in the back of the box working out. It seems as if they live at the box, breathing and eating all things CrossFit. Please join us in congratulating Skyler and Jeff. 

Meet Skyler:


Tell us a little about yourself: I pretty much train all day, from the time I leave work at 9:30AM to the afternoon. Sometimes I don’t know how to slow down and I beat myself up a lot. I hate taking days off because I always feel like I’m going downhill. Everything I do, I try to give it 100%. I used to be a bodybuilder and felt like I missed out a lot on being a college student because I didn’t party like the other kids. Instead, I worked my ass off to be a bodybuilder. Turned out, no matter how much I trained or worked out, people always had better genetics or a better look, so I never became a great bodybuilder. I decided to do CrossFit because it didn’t matter about looks, it mattered how hard someone worked to win! I like sports where hard work pays off! I’m getting ready to do a competition in Wilmington called the Reignited Games with Cody as my partner. 

How long have you being doing CrossFit?: I’ve been doing CrossFit for about 10 months now. (Let us just say that you would never know it!) 

Why CrossFit Driving Formations?: I chose CrossFit Driving Formations because I knew Tadd was a badass, so I thought, why not go there?!

What’s your favorite lift and gymnastics movement?: My favorite lift is snatch and gymnastics in handstand pushups or walks. 

What’s your favorite WOD?: I’d say Isabel. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?: Five Guys or a homemade burger. 


Meet Jeff:

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with ATI in Murrells Inlet. To be honest, I live a pretty basic life due to my commitment to CrossFit. I really enjoy watching movies and going to restaurants on the weekend with my girlfriend, Meredith Helline. I really want to take the time to say thank you to her, for the support to chase my dreams in CrossFit, which is to make regionals in the 1-2 years, whether that is team or individual. I am currently training for the Granite Games, which will be held in Minnesota next week from September 8-11th. The Granite Games is one of the largest online qualifiers in the country, and even though Skyler is not on the team with me, he was a huge help at pushing me during the qualifying process. I will be doing two of my other friends in MN to compete. 

How long have you been doing CrossFit? I found CrossFit in 2012, but was unable to dedicate time to it due to grad school. Once I finished school, I moved down here to the beach and just participated in regular classes. 2016 was my first open I really compete in, and it was after that when I realized I really loved the sport and wanted to put in more than just class work. Following the 2016 season, I started following Misfits Competitors Training, which was super helpful for last year. After seeing the results in the 2017 Open of putting in two hours a day, I decided that I would need to pretty much eat, sleep and breathe CrossFit to reach my goals. Therefore, I have recently switched to personal programming out of Columbia which has my putting in 3-4 hours a day of training. 

Why CrossFit Driving Formations?: That’s simple. CFDF has the best athletes and I wanted to be a part of that. 

What do you love the most about CFDF?: The community. 

What’s your favorite WOD?: That’s a hard question. I really like Fran, Karen, and DT. 

What’s your favorite lift and gymnastics move?: Cleans. I like MU (muscle ups), C2B (chest to bar), and HSPU (handstand push ups). 

Who are your favorite male/female athletes?: Sam Dancer, Matt Fraser, and Dan Bailey. Sara Sigminsdottir. 

What’s your favorite cheat meal?: Wings, Sour Patch Kids, Halo Top, and Cookies. 

Congratulations to Skyler and Jeff for being our athletes of the month. It is well deserved. You both work hard and it is obvious to anyone who steps foot in the box. We’re proud of you both and can’t wait to see you guys crush it in your upcoming competitions. We look forward to watching you guys continue to chase your dreams and surpass your goals. 


A huge shout out to Kelly for completing her CrossFit Kids course! We’re all super proud of you and eager to see what’s in store for the kids at CFDF. We pride ourselves in having coaches that are trained to coach. It's important to us that our coaches go through the proper training and receive certifications so that they can properly coach and assist you in reaching your personal goals and in keeping you safe. 

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This is the time of year where it seems like the pounds can really creep up on you if you're not careful. School has officially started back up, summer is coming to a close, and the holidays are right around the corner. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, and Christmas parties. This is a great time to be proactive and get your nutrition and fitness in check. This is the time to take advantage of classes and open box. Know a friend who needs CrossFit in their life? Bring them! As always, Tadd and Dwayne are available for personal training. All of the coaches are dedicated in helping you reach your goals and we want to help you stay on track this holiday season, because as always, we roll deep.